Miniature Shopping Cart

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Miniature Shopping Cart
This is mini simulated shopping cart toy that your parrots cannot miss! Made of iron, it is durable and with 4 castrers to smoothly move everywhere. You can put food, snacks, toys in it, and your bird will play with it happily, even if you're out for work, your pet will never feel lonely. This toy is suitable for small-sized parrots or birds like: Conures parakeet, lovebirds, cockatiel or some small animals such as mouse.

Made of excellent iron, Cr plated, anti-rust & durable.
Mini shopping cart toy, 4 casters for smooth moving.
Good toy for your birds to play or exercise.
You can put food, snacks, toys in it to activate bird's interest.
Pet will never feel lonely with it.

Material: Iron + Plastic
Color: Blue / Orange / Rose Red / Green / Red (Send Randomly)
Product Size: 10 * 8 * 12cm / 3.94 * 3.15 * 4.72&qu?
Product Weight: 105g / 3.69oz

Package Included:
1 * Mini Shopping Cart Toy

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