Adorable Alpaca & Sheep 3-D Puff Stickers

Ashlee Craft // Assortment

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Alpaca stickers, llama stickers, & sheep stickers
It is a perfect spring day. Sweet, smiling alpacas hop around & play with cheerful, fluffy sheep in the field. They are all friends with each other. Overhead, clouds smile cute little smiles & accidentally gently bump into each other because they are happy & busy watching the sheep & alpacas playing.
  • Sheet contains more than 55 stickers.
  • Pretty much everything in your life can be made more awesome when you add a puff sticker including a cute alpaca or sheep to it.
  • There are also cute stickers which feature clouds with adorable faces, baby chicks, & flowers.
  • Sheet of stickers measures approximately 3.75" by 7".

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